How I Left a Cult

"Now begin in the middle, and later learn the beginning; the end will take care of itself." ~Harlan Ellison, Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman I thought I had left this cult after two years, after my baby died. I now realize it has taken more like ten years. Ten years of slowly untangling myself and … Continue reading How I Left a Cult

Book Review: Toxic Faith

Are you a religious addict? Is your church or group toxic to your soul? Even if you are certain these terms don't apply to you or your group, you might want to read this book anyway. I don't recommend Christian books very often. In the not-so-distant past it was a different story; I was always … Continue reading Book Review: Toxic Faith

New Book Announcement on Religious Mystics

In a few weeks I hope to publish my third eBook through Amazon Kindle. This one is much longer than the first two, and takes a critical look at the life and writings of Medieval Catholic mystics. Stay tuned!

Sin and Redemption in the Bible and The Epic of Gilgamesh

This post assumes the reader is familiar with The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest writings archeologists have to date. It is an ancient Sumerian epic poem and mythological account, with some fascinating similarities to the Bible. This post compares The Epic of Gilgamesh to the Biblical story of creation (Genesis 1-2). Neither account … Continue reading Sin and Redemption in the Bible and The Epic of Gilgamesh