Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Mommy’s Lost Her Mind

I was driving home from a doctor's appointment with my toddler in tow one sunny winter's day. The entire week up until this point I had been working with my little two-year-old daughter on naming farm animals and the noises they made. Her favorite seemed to be the sheep (baa!). Taking some back roads, I … Continue reading Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Mommy’s Lost Her Mind

Doing Dishes

You have not done dishes until you have completed them with a toddler hugging your legs, causing your pants/shorts/skirt to inch uncomfortably and immodestly down, your shirt sleeves falling into the water, while the phone rings, and your older children are bouncing off the walls until they get hurt and cry.

Mommy’s Snack Time

My oldest was four or five when I dubbed her, "the bloodhound". It had been one of those days in which I hadn't eaten or gone to the bathroom since something like 9pm the night before, and here it was, three in the afternoon. I had done the cooking, the cleaning, the singing, the teaching, … Continue reading Mommy’s Snack Time