On Fostering a Dog

Originally written 2/1/2015 It lasted just two weeks. It was dirty, it was tough, it was an emotional roller coaster. It was warm, it was soft, it was needy. It was a black lab puppy that my children re-named “Sammy”. It was the first time we had fostered an animal, and the second dog we … Continue reading On Fostering a Dog

Wholeness and Spiritual Healing

12 years ago, my husband and I lost an infant daughter. A few years passed, and a well-meaning family member (who was not around at the time of our baby's death) suggested to my husband and I, that God could bring spiritual and emotional wholeness/healing into our lives again if we would let Him. My … Continue reading Wholeness and Spiritual Healing

The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity

A Teen by Definition is Not "Mature" *Little disclaimer: By "mature" I mean as physically developed and/or experienced in life as adults. I am not referring to responsibility, which many teens are better at than some adults.  I was just 16 but I knew it was love, and my boyfriend, also 16, and I secretly … Continue reading The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity

Empty Pantry Pasta Salad

It had happened again. My husband and I stood in the kitchen, with every last cabinet door flung open and there was nothing to eat, nothing to fix. We sighed heavily, looked tired, and succumbed to arguing about bills and menu plans while the kids whined loudly in the background about how hungry they were. … Continue reading Empty Pantry Pasta Salad