The Church As a Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

When I was a kid, an experienced youth pastor once told our youth group he thought many churches were like self-licking ice cream cones. I didn't understand that comment at the time, but now nearly 15 years later, I think I may have grasped the meaning. Almost every church I've ever been to has been … Continue reading The Church As a Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

Science Fiction as Gothic Literature

I love classic Science Fiction works, and I really love Gothic literature. For some time I have thought of the two genres as being wildly dissimilar: Whereas Gothic lit. is characterized by creepy, old dark things and death, Sci-Fi is concerned with uncharted new things. But are they really so different? After giving it some … Continue reading Science Fiction as Gothic Literature

New E-Books!

Although I have yet to write anything literature-based in this blog, I have been working on writing, editing, and formatting literature-based e-books! I now have two published through Amazon Kindle, both having to do with Gothic Literature. For only $.99 each, these are great little additions to any reading curriculum, or for personal education. Don't … Continue reading New E-Books!

Why Young People are Really Leaving Church

A slew of articles in the Christian realm lately, have been focusing on what is perceived as a major problem in churches--the flight of the youth. According to Christian leaders, "Millennials" (people in their late twenties to early thirties) have been leaving churches in droves, and any number of people and institutions receive the blame, … Continue reading Why Young People are Really Leaving Church