I Have Cancer

It's a frightening thing to say; to admit. And on Valentine's Day 2019, I learned at my local ER that I have cancer. Chronic myeloid leukemia, to be precise. The same cancer that killed my husband's grandmother; a version of the cancer that plagues my grandmother now; a cancer that allegedly isn't hereditary; a cancer … Continue reading I Have Cancer

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've seen a lot of people, particularly Christians, calling for unity and forgiveness on both sides now the election is over (and they won). The onus is on you, dear people, to offer peace and friendship. For a year or more, you've made it clear to half the population of America that "you don't want … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

Getting “Back” to Business

I haven't posted anything on my blog in a few months. That's because right before Christmas, I had a major back surgery. It happened very fast: One day I was at yet another doctor's office, having yet more tests to find out why I couldn't ride in a car longer than 20 minutes, why I … Continue reading Getting “Back” to Business

Wholeness and Spiritual Healing

12 years ago, my husband and I lost an infant daughter. A few years passed, and a well-meaning family member (who was not around at the time of our baby's death) suggested to my husband and I, that God could bring spiritual and emotional wholeness/healing into our lives again if we would let Him. My … Continue reading Wholeness and Spiritual Healing