Wholeness and Spiritual Healing

12 years ago, my husband and I lost an infant daughter. A few years passed, and a well-meaning family member (who was not around at the time of our baby's death) suggested to my husband and I, that God could bring spiritual and emotional wholeness/healing into our lives again if we would let Him. My … Continue reading Wholeness and Spiritual Healing

Honest Obituaries

"As long as we have a man's body, we play our Vanities upon it, surrounding it with humbug and ceremonies, laying it in state, and packing it up in gilt nails and velvet: and we finish our duty by placing over it a stone, written all over with lies." ~Vanity Fair, William M. Thackeray It … Continue reading Honest Obituaries

Late Fall

Forever In Our Hearts: Bereavement Cards and Gifts

IMG_oakleaves with flare All images copyrighted by Loura Lawrence.

Somewhere Between (Emotional) Summer and Winter

When the trees and shrubs burst into fiery bloom, the sky turns a perfect sapphire blue, the breeze is brisk and refreshing, and the peculiar scent of musty crisp leaves and wet earth fill the air, my brain and body thrill with the changing of the seasons and I look forward to family trips and happy memories to the pumpkin farm, hiking, mini golf, and Ren Faire.

But fall can also be a sad time, bringing shorter days, colder weather, and an emptiness of nature at the end of the season once all the leaves fall fallen. Favorite holidays such as Halloween, All Saints Day, Samhain, and Dia de Muertos all strive to remind us of death, the darkness of winter, and to serve as memorial days for deceased loved ones.

As fall draws to a close this November, as…

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