Does Buprenorphine Really ‘Save Lives’?

Legal disclaimer: Nothing in this post is meant to be construed as medical advice. I am not a physician or pharmacist. Discuss any medications, changes, or questions you might have with your medical provider. Do not suddenly stop any medication unless under the direct guidance of a medical provider. Today was a weird day. What … Continue reading Does Buprenorphine Really ‘Save Lives’?


Apologies to my readers for being so silent these past few weeks. I have been fighting, fighting, fighting and getting my ducks in a row for the future. Calling customer service, et al has (hopefully, "had") become my full-time job while trying to get finances, kids' busing, and my health back in order. Shew! I … Continue reading Updates!

An Open Letter to Ohio Leaders Concerning the Opioid Crisis

Dear Ohio Leaders,   Last night I voted via absentee ballot, as I have done for the past 3 years since my disability (which impairs my strength, stamina, and mobility) began. I was pleased to see that every leader running for office mentioned their deep and sincere concerns regarding the opioid crisis, which has hit … Continue reading An Open Letter to Ohio Leaders Concerning the Opioid Crisis

America’s Codependency Problem

Personal responsibility. There is a crisis-level lack of it in modern American culture. Perhaps the biggest problem is all those who view themselves as mini-saviors or white knights, tripping over themselves to be responsible for others. That is an unhealthy mental/behavioral/relationship condition called, “codependency,” in which one party maintains a narcissistic attitude about the relationship … Continue reading America’s Codependency Problem