3 Tips for Better Portrait Photos

By Loura Lawrence with developingfocus.com Portrait photography is an important part of the art of photography. A relative who recently had portraits done, featured the photographer's gallery on a social media page. I love good portraits and I am always interested in other photographer’s work. Plus I just like looking at pretty pictures. So I … Continue reading 3 Tips for Better Portrait Photos

First Craft Show

The Silver Swashbuckler and I have been beading, gluing, wire-wrapping, and putting last-minute touches on projects like crazy to be prepared for our first craft show in two weeks! We recently expanded our bead selection (read: Princess Cinnamon went shopping for shiny objects) and we've created 5 new necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and two … Continue reading First Craft Show

Art of the Tag

I have several online shops featuring my artwork and designs. Last week, I was going through one of them and tweaking things here and there when I made a shocking discovery. My tags were terrible! This particular website had been up for two years (with very little traffic), and I had learned from other, previous … Continue reading Art of the Tag

Adventures in Social Media Land

For me, it all began with Facebook. As soon as I felt I understood fully the ins and outs (because I had a personal account I updated every 5 minutes), I added a business page for Developing Focus. I was getting used to having and updating that when... I heard I just had to be … Continue reading Adventures in Social Media Land