Honest Obituaries

“As long as we have a man’s body, we play our Vanities upon it, surrounding it with humbug and ceremonies, laying it in state, and packing it up in gilt nails and velvet: and we finish our duty by placing over it a stone, written all over with lies.” ~Vanity Fair, William M. Thackeray ItContinue reading “Honest Obituaries”

The Department of Education is Out of Line

Read these first: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2015/12/03/under-federal-pressure-illinois-school-district-allows-transgender-student-to-use-locker-room/ http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/schaumburg-hoffman-estates/news/ct-transgender-student-district-211-vote-met-20151202-story.html I don’t believe the ACLU actually cares about the ethics of this case, they were paid big money to win with a potential windfall of new cases and big money from other wealthy, activist parents. But the so-called Department of Education ought to be ashamed of itself. It outright threatenedContinue reading “The Department of Education is Out of Line”

The Man Behind the Curtain

As my husband and I discussed the news about Rowan County Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to obey the law she vowed to uphold as an elected government official, two main thoughts popped into my head. First, it is a complete travesty of government that she could not be fired for failure to doContinue reading “The Man Behind the Curtain”

The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity

A Teen by Definition is Not “Mature” *Little disclaimer: By “mature” I mean as physically developed and/or experienced in life as adults. I am not referring to responsibility, which many teens are better at than some adults.  I was just 16 but I knew it was love, and my boyfriend, also 16, and I secretlyContinue reading “The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity”