The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity

A Teen by Definition is Not “Mature” *Little disclaimer: By “mature” I mean as physically developed and/or experienced in life as adults. I am not referring to responsibility, which many teens are better at than some adults.  I was just 16 but I knew it was love, and my boyfriend, also 16, and I secretlyContinue reading “The Ideology of Underage Marriages in Conservative Christianity”

On Tragedies: When Society Grieves

It happened again this week and sent the nation reeling. Violence; evil; the death of innocents. I am referring to the Virginia shooting of two reporters and a councilwoman interviewee, by a former, disgruntled employee of the reporter and cameraman’s network. There are countless other tragedies I might reference as well.  Two people were killedContinue reading “On Tragedies: When Society Grieves”

The Truth About the Opioid Crisis

*This article was originally written in 2015. It has since been updated with new, groundbreaking information and facts. Previously titled, “On Opioids: America’s Drug Addictions and the Wacky Laws that Perpetuate Them.” See also: PROPaganda: Part 1 and Part 2; An Open Letter to Dr. Kolodny; A Rock and a Hard Place; and Strangulation onContinue reading “The Truth About the Opioid Crisis”

On Vaccines: When Private Choices Affect Public Health

Because this is a highly emotional issue, I am going to open with a disclaimer: What I write is not directed at those individuals or families who cannot vaccinate their children/be vaccinated themselves due to diagnosed medical conditions. Measles killed some 2.6 million people each year before vaccination was widespread, according to the World HealthContinue reading “On Vaccines: When Private Choices Affect Public Health”