The Mommy-Wars, Christian Woman-Style

Now that I am blogging more often, I thought I would try to discover some fellow bloggers, especially of the Christian woman variety. I was excited when a Canadian pastor I esteem and follow recently posted a list of his favorite lady bloggers. I chose a few that sounded like they might be up my … Continue reading The Mommy-Wars, Christian Woman-Style

Women Should Be Seen, But Not Heard (In Church)

I have noticed a disturbing increase in the amount of articles on The Christian Post, as well as sentiments and doctrinal statements from both Catholics and Protestants about the role of women teachers in churches. Interestingly, these opinions seem to coincide with the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision (but more on that later). So many … Continue reading Women Should Be Seen, But Not Heard (In Church)

I Heart Erma Bombeck

"It goes back to the first time I saw authoress Faith Baldwin in a full-page magazine ad admonishing, 'It's a shame more women don't take up writing.' I said aloud, 'Ain't it the truth, Faith.' She looked directly at me and said, 'If you're a woman who wants to get more out of life, don't … Continue reading I Heart Erma Bombeck