Josh Duggar Fallout and Personal Reflections on Previously Held Beliefs


Many times I share silly things on Facebook for laughs. Sometimes I share things that made me think. This time I share an article to speak out.

Sometimes people don’t understand that rather than being a gossip or celebrating anothers’ downfall, stories like this one are shared and commented on because the sharer once believed the same and likewise had their own downfall. They hope others will listen and avoid the same painful mistakes that sometimes cannot be undone.
Although at the time, I did not have names or faces or labels for these beliefs (I had no idea who Bill Gothard was, for example), I believed them with my whole heart. I believed them until Nov. 3, 2003, the day of my baby’s funeral, and I have been oh-so-slowly untangling myself ever since.
These beliefs are life-changing in a negative way; they are poison and life-destroying. They are also faith-destroying, and both should cause Christians to pause and consider.
It is easy to become enamored of these beliefs. They promise much and it is only until much later you learn it never delivers. After you have committed, after you have spent so much time and money and energy in studying, practicing, and preaching these beliefs do you slowly realize the truth.

I have lost many friends because I practiced these beliefs, I have lost many friends because I left these beliefs behind. I have lost many friends, even this very week, because I speak out against these beliefs. I have been called bitter, unforgiving, angry, paranoid, hurtful, picky, a perfectionist, and a tool of Satan because I have been so hurt by these beliefs and I choose to speak out. But I get it, I really do, because 13 years ago, when I was high on the elitism of these beliefs and getting attention from fellow Christians, accolades from church leaders, and “gifts of God”, I would have said and thought the same.

You can read more about my history here: How I Left a Cult

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