Tutorial: How to Make a Bird’s Nest Necklace

IMG_0152_1aAdorable, simple, and so much fun to customize, these little bird’s egg nest necklaces have become some of my most popular pieces at Cinnamon and Silver Jewelry.

Back in May, I was commissioned to do a set of these cute little necklaces for a bride. She is an ornithologist (one who studies birds), and her wedding colors were purple and white.

IMG_2114Follow my tutorial to learn how to make your own. These can be easily customized with different colored wire, pearls, or beads.
You will need:



1. About 3′ (1 yard) of 18-20 gauge copper wire in your color choice (this tutorial features egg nests made with 16 gauge wire because I couldn’t find this color in a thicker size).

2. 1-3 pearls or rounded beads of your choice.

3. Necklace chain. You can buy these pre-made at standard lengths, or you can make your own using jump rings, chain, and a custom clasp.

4. 1, 6mm jump ring to attach pendant to necklace chain.


1. Wire cutters

2. Jewelry pliers such as flat nose or rounded. *If you are making the necklace chain yourself, you may need both sets of pliers to open and close the different jump rings.


Step 1. Cut a length of about 3′ or 1 yard, or simply unravel your roll of wire as you go.IMG_0121

Step 2. String your beads onto your wire, leaving a tail of wire between 6-12″. This can always be cut later if too long.



Step 3. Bend the wire around your 3 beads so they look like a triangle. If you are only using 1 bead, simply begin bending the wire around your bead in a circular pattern. You will continue to do this for a looooong time, until your nest is the thickness you like.

The trickiest part is holding the edge of the wire nest in place as you go. Don’t let it unravel! IMG_0126

Step 4. While still holding the wire in place, cut the end (if you haven’t already measured and cut your wire), leaving a tail of about 12-18″.IMG_0129

Step 5. Now you are going to take one of the tails of wire and loop it under the first bend beside a bead, and over the rest of the nest. Pull the wire tight, with pliers if you need to, and wrap 2 more times. You will do this 2-3 more times with one or both of your wire tails, going around your nest in an even pattern. When the nest has been secured with these extra wraps, cut any extra wire and tuck it into your nest so nothing sharp is sticking out. IMG_0133IMG_0134

Step 6. Now it’s time to add a jump ring to your nest pendant. You can open the jump ring and loop it through a single wire, or you can maneuver the jump ring under one of the extra wraps you made. The preference is yours.

Step 7. String your pendant via the jump ring onto your necklace chain. Ta-da! Nicely done!IMG_0147

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