Check Out My Gigs: A Freelancer Reviews Fiverr

fiverr logoOn that is. Fiverr is a website where freelancers (sellers) can open completely free accounts and offer their mini-services or small products (called “gigs”) for just $5.

Not a bad deal, is it?

If you are considering joining Fiverr as a freelancer however, you should know there are a few drawbacks to the site (potential buyers, should also take note!):

1. Fiverr take a $1 cut from everything, so you are really only earning $4.

2. When you request your pay (which can take up to 2 weeks to be released into your account) via Paypal, Paypal takes another cut, in this case $.08.

3. If you buy gigs yourself, know that they won’t allow you to withdraw your funds. If you have a major problem with a seller, they will ensure you get a refund, but your money stays in your Fiverr account, only usable for other gigs. So make sure you don’t deposit $50 unless you really do plan on using it!

Fiverr love nest4. Fiverr is picky. They have very particular specifications when it comes to image size, cover photos, descriptions, and key words. It is rather annoying, and I wish they would change that, but then again it’s a free place to market my services, and I’m willing to bend a little. Besides, once a gig is up, it’s up and easy to edit if need be.

5. Literally anybody can be a “freelancer” on Fiverr and sell just about anything, which is both good and bad. Fiverr has an international audience, too, which ramps up competition a bit. I have run into mostly professional people on Fiverr, but I have hired one or two that were con-artists. Fiverr admin took care of those issues quickly and easily.

6. Sometimes it’s hard to get started, so don’t get discouraged or give up if it has been months and no one has bought your gig. Selling anything online takes patience and perseverance (and marketing!).

So what started out sounding like an easy way to hundreds of dollars from $5 gigs, turns out to be a little more complicated like most other things in life. Still, Fiverr is a fun website to browse with lots of funny videos of colorful and talented people. And occasionally, you can turn out a nice $3.92 as well.

Wanna see my gigs? Check them out here:

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