Cinnamon and Silver Supports The Global Soap Project

ImageI was teaching my young son about the importance of hand-washing recently, when I came across an article that highlighted a charity called The Global Soap Project.

The article began by interviewing a woman from Sudan who works as a cleaning lady at an American Hilton Hotel. She held up a gently used bar of soap and described just how valuable a thing it was in her country. In some parts of the world, a bar of soap costs more than a days’ wages!

I became so enthusiastic reading about this charity which partners with hotels to retrieve their gently used soap (which would otherwise be thrown away). Basically, the bars are sent to a processing plant in Atlanta, GA where they are stripped, checked for bacteria, and when they receive a clean bill of health, the bars are cut up and sent to certain nations in Africa, South America, and The Caribbean.

An emphasis of the program is targeting children and caregivers, as well as hygiene education. I love that this organization works to reduce waste, while at the same time saving lives with such a simple, little thing as soap. Currently, they only partner with hotels for soap, but they will accept financial contributions and volunteers. With that in mind, I am excited to announce that Cinnamon & Silver will now donate a portion of our proceeds to The Global Soap Fund.

Read more about it here: Global Soap Project

Do you know of a hotel that could sign up for this project?

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