3 thoughts on “The Fascination with Halloween

  1. I look forward to smelling the leaves burning and carving pumpkins with my children. We never go for anything scary. I hate being scared. I look forward to the seasonal fun that we don’t get to do any other time of year. It’s also one last party before settling in for the snows and blustery days of winter.


  2. oh it is all hallows eve the celebration of Saints, it is being involved in flights of fancy and celebrating the last hurrahs of fall. So many people believe it is about death and odd things but I truly believe in the saints ,all saints day is November 1 , so it is a celebration of their lives and the good that the did and the suffering of their lives. So many of other faiths seem to miss out on much due to their beliefs that All Hallows Eve or Halloween is demonic or none christian…shame because we celebrate the day before Christmas and it is not really a holiday. Christmas season is actually 12 days after the birth. That is another topic. Halloween is the day before all Saints Day, to celebrate the good deeds of others who have gone before us. Just adding my thoughts to a topic.


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