Create Soft Portraits with Hairspray Tutorial

By Loura Lawrence at

Back in the day–11 years ago–digital photography was just starting to become popular.

Add a soft touch to portraits--with hairspray.
Add a soft touch to portraits–with hairspray.

When I went to school, we still used slide film and manual 35mm cameras (I went to Ohio University in Athens where we also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow.).

Anyway, this is a short tutorial on how to create soft portraits with hairspray, so let me tell you how this product photo of perfume was made. Nowadays, you can simply add a layer of Gaussian blur in Adobe photoshop to get that softened look. It’s a great tool for portraits.

Before photo editing software however, what I did was take a basic screw-on filter (like a UV filter), and spray it with hairspray* (it washed off with soap and water). Once dry, I put it on the end of my lens, and voila!

*Caution: If you try this, please be sure to spray your filter far enough away from your camera!

To sum up, this is how you can create soft portraits with hairspray – a simple, yet creative technique that delivers the most gorgeous results.

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