Adventures in Social Media Land

For me, it all began with Facebook. As soon as I felt I understood fully the ins and outs (because I had a personal account I updated every 5 minutes), I added a business page for Developing Focus. I was getting used to having and updating that when…

I heard I just had to be on some new-fangled site called “Twitter” (tweet-tweet). So I got a Twitter account and although I still don’t fully understand the art of the hash tag, I learned from a myriad of helpful small-business sites that Pinterest was now the new kid on the block, and you just weren’t anybody until you were there.

And recently I read that having a blog on WordPress (or some other blogging site) was the way to drive traffic to your site(s), in addition to weekly sales on Etsy, bimonthly newsletters, and sending personalized Partridges in Pear trees to every subscriber (okay, okay, those last three I made up…sort of). It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging to small businesses to feel like they have to be on every social platform out there. How can one or two people keep up?

Look, I’m no expert in marketing, and I think it’s fine to have a presence on all those sites and so many others available, but here’s the thing. Don’t just be on them and never use them. It would be better to have a good presence on Facebook that you update regularly, than to have five different sites featuring you or your business that you never use.

In the words of the ever-so-wise Sabrina Fairchild (1995), “More isn’t always better, Linus. Sometimes it’s just more.”

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